Rei Kawakubo’s 6 Messages

Rei Kawakubo 2

Had a short and powerful interview with Comme des Carcons’s Rei Kawakubo in Paris. through this interview we could had few realizations of a lifelong dream, the pinnacle of our professional and personal life. We could get several life lessons from this great lady also a greatest fashion designer.

“never complain, never explain.”

She never mentioned to me that as an early act of rebellion, she wore her school uniform socks pushed down, and she also didn’t tell me that she owns a couple of tiaras. She never complain about what she has been doing wrong or right but she also never explain about what is good in her life.

New meaning of “ordinary”

She does not think she is doing anything special. “I am just working every day, day to day, with what I believe. It is a very ordinary way of dealing with your life—Just dealing with your work.” She deals with things differently with “ordinary” people; However, she does not think that she is special.

Rei Kawakubo 1.jpg

There is a time when you get sick of vintage

I am so sorry for those who loves vintage but apparently you will get sick of it in one point. According to this amazing lay Rei, she loved to go  visit vintage stores often, “but recently, completely not. I don’t look very much at magazines or go to vintage stores. I used to go a lot, but since the last change, the big shift with not making clothes [for a conventional runway show], i can’t look at anything old or preexisting.”

You are only as good as your last show

“This is not as good as the last one.” Apparently people say that. Even thought her presentations are invariably met with wild enthusiasm, this amazing reaction doesn’t make her particularly happy. She told me that she doesn’t trust or believe people when they say they were blown away.

Even she watches the Oscars

Rei thought the wild end of this year’s Academy Awards was really fun. She is just like you! “It’s always so controlled, so fixed, so not real,” she says. “So it was interesting when it was out of control.”


You do not necessarily need to stop fussing

Killing time at the showroom in Paris waiting for our interview to begin, I caught sight of the designer fussing with a Comme mannequin in the corner. If she still has time to style the line’s least expensive offerings, shouldn’t we all pay more attention to the small stuff?


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