Upcoming Fashion Star: Keefe Tiu

Keefe Tiu is a fashion student in Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). He is currently in his junior year and studying to get Fashion Business and Marketing degree. 302A1756.jpg

His most resent work shows how he is experienced from all his past successful career. Keefe Tiu managed sample set trafficking fro editorial and celebrity outreach and gauged importance of press initiatives and communicated accordingly between Sales, Production and external PR agency as an assistant of Rosie Assoulin. In this case, he also got opportunity to interact with actual professional model as he was assisting in fashion week model castings, styling sessions, and buying appointment.

302A1673uncensoredHis talent and sense as a fashion photographer is unpredictable. The energy coming from his young age, fancy vibe from his background and career all harmony together and create a amazing photograph. The viewer often aesthetically pleased by his color scheme, vibe, composition and more. Also, people often think that all his photo seems to be planned and calculated.


He is getting the most attention out of all fashion stars and everyone has high expectation on him and started imagine bigger picture for the future.


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