Fashion Market : Hong Kong

If you are a fashion student, you need to travel to Hong Kong and experience the resources there for fashion. Today is this post we will inform you where to visit and find certain fashion fabric, supplied and materials.


Sham Shui Po (SSP), Hong Kong largest fabrics & DIY supplies. If I may quote from Hey Kumo blog Indeed, the Fabric Street in Hong Kong is something to behold. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of textile shops in the area, with their samples hung out for your picking.”  Every crafter dream to be to in this side of  ‘paradise‘.



Every store has amazing amount of fabric. We can see easily how each store has one-two similar style of fabrics. Some stores sell only laters, cotton or ribbons. Stores that are located in the middle of the street give local vibe of Hong Kong and this is one of the thing that you should experience in this street. The price of the fabric is very cheap compare to other countries as well. If you buy a yard from one store on the street, you will be able to buy it with 20-40 hkd.


One of the most amazing fact about this market in Sham Shui Po is that you can easily get free swatches everywhere. When you walk around the street you will easily find million, billion swatches all over. You are allow to take as much as you want and you are allow to come back to the store and order the fabric if you like with cheap price.


They don’t sell only fabrics but all other materials. Button, Ribbon, string and many more, anything related to fashion, you will be able to find in this market.

Brace yourself diyer & fabrics lovers as one of the  largest fabric town – Sham Shui Po.


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