Outstanding Student Project – 미운 스무살

21 MAY, 2017

미운 스무살

Twenty Years Old

line up 1.jpg

A Korean fashion student called Seong Yun Park from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) designed the whole concept of her second collection project Twenty Years Old (미운 스무살). The whole idea is that how 20 years old is the boarder of youth and adultness and how it shows the childish and mature sides at the same time.

concept board

Her concept board shows the darkness of being an adult by putting black and white effect to every photo. Some simple outlines and dots with bright colors shows the playful side of an individual. It shows how free, dark, faded, foggy, quite but bright and loud.

She also wanted to show how she is inexperience in fashion field. She said “I am twenty years old in fashion field” .

color board new

The color scheme of this collection is mostly black which represent her self (She explained how she thinks black is her signature color). Yellow represent the youth, childish, and playfulness of the mood. Red is to show the adultness contrasting with yellow and to show the sexual part of it.


The mood of this collection represents confident without experience. It got a mood of “Foggy City” with all the people who wants to be 20 years old or go back to 20 years old.

It gives a strong street vibe but still have the fancy aspect in fashion. It is all about detail on dark garments. custumer board new

The customer of this collection is for “those people who is bold enough to wear my collection”. No matter how old they are anyone who wants to be 20 years old are the customer.


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