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A website that is managing by September Park that gives you information all about fashion in our own aesthetic way.


Give you the best information upcoming news in fashion world.

Based on the aesthetic that we pursue, we tell you anything related to fashion. From top fashion designer to upcoming new fashion star, we update you the most accurate and fresh information. We will please your eyes aesthetically with our own fashion project and collaboration with different fashion designers.


Get inspiration from Fall’s Projects.

Different collections during different seasons, we will update you with the most clear layout based on our aesthetic.  You will be able to see the highest quality of information about fashion collection from. Mood Boards, Design Boards and Line-up from different school and student.


Let you know what is going on is fashion world.

You can fine the most accurate and detail information about events that is happening every single day. From small events to a big event, we filter the best information for all the viewers. There are countless events that open as well.


Get to know our Fall Mag from the website.

Every time when there is new arrival for out FALL MAG, we post the brief explanation about the magazine with the cover of it. It is also all about fashion but it include more about professional fashion world than for student.